MOU [identification]


In derogation of applicable provisions of international treaties or domestic laws, the PARTIES hereby irrevocably agree (i) that the laws of the Crown of Saint Stephen of the Imperial and Royal Most Serene Sovereign Princely House of Siniscalchi di Saraùsa apply exclusively, having absolute precedence over any other law of any other jurisdiction, and (ii) to elect as exclusive jurisdiction and venue, which hold respectively absolute precedence over any other jurisdiction and venue whatsoever, His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I's Court of Saint Stephen located at Calle Treinta y Tres Orientales  Nº 1330, Planta Alta, Código Postal Nº 1257, Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


 [Name of BUYER] (hereinafter “NEW OWNER”) and [name of SELLER] (hereinafter “SELLER”) hereby agree and accept that tender and acceptance of full payment for settlement for Real Estate Contract [identification] (hereinafter “PURCHASE CONTRACT”) is governed as stipulated above, irrespective of the jurisdiction of PURCHASE CONTRACT.


NEW OWNER has provided full payment for settlement of PURCHASE CONTRACT, with USD value of [$ amount], in lawful USA currency, by having submitted with PURCHASE CONTRACT a set of SCD UNITED STATES DOLLARS CASHIER’S CHECKS for the purpose of providing full payment to each lien holder and to pay the balance to SELLER.


SELLER has accepted the above referenced SCD UNITED STATES DOLLARS CASHIER’S CHECKS provided to SELLER by NEW OWNER, as full payment required for settlement for PURCHASE CONTRACT


SELLER, having received and accepted full payment for settlement of PURCHASE CONTRACT, as stipulated above, hereby and herewith irrevocably cedes and transfers to NEW OWNER all ownership, rights, privileges, and equity, related to the property (hereinafter “PROPERTY SOLD”) described in PURCHASE CONTRACT; including but not limited to the right to lien, encumber, hypothecate, resell, or otherwise assign PROPERTY SOLD, with any proceeds therefrom being the sole property of NEW OWNER.


Acceptance of this PURCHASE CONTRACT by signatures of NEW OWNER and of SELLER complete requirements of each party hereto related to the other party hereto for closing of all business related to PURCHASE CONTRACT; and, SELLER shall execute all documents that may be required for title to be cleared and registered for NEW OWNER or assigns.


DATE                                                                                                  DATE



NEW OWNER                                                                                    NEW OWNER’S NOTARY




DATE                                                                                                  DATE



SELLER                                                                                              SELLER’S NOTARY